The Youth Exceptional Service Award (YES!) was designed to recognize students in middle and high school who already are making a positive difference in their local communities, and to inspire others to become involved and make an impact through volunteer work and charity.


Who Should Apply?

  • Are you a student in grades 8-12 who volunteers your time in your community?
  • Are you a positive role model in your school?
  • Do you mentor/tutor other students?
  • Are you active in your church or other community organizations?
  • Do you lend a helping hand in your neighborhood?
  • Are you a student leader?

If any of these things hit home for you we encourage you to apply for the YES! Award. We love honoring students who understand the importance of making a difference in their communities!

Number of Awards: To be determined by the Red River Charitable Foundation

Amount: $1,000 per Award ($500 to student and $500 to charity of your choice)

How to Apply

  • Tell us about what you do for your community, how long you’ve been doing it and why it’s important to you.
  • Tell us a story about your volunteering experience where you made a difference.
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation from a Non-Family Member as to why you are worthy of the YES! Award.
  • (Highly encouraged) Submit a 2-3 minute video submission introducing yourself and explain how you are making a difference in your community and why it’s important for you (Smart phone video is fine).
  • Completely Filled out Application DEADLINE: April 1st, 2016.