“It was a great day on the course, having fun with guests and celebrating the amazing RRCF student scholarship recipients. I am thrilled that we are able to provide scholarships for these students and support their ongoing education in STEM related fields. The Foundation could not have choses more qualified candidates, and we are endlessly thankful to our sponsors, partners and local business owners who continue to support us and the causes we believe in.”

— Rick Bolduc, Executive Chair, Board of Directors for Red River, President- RRCF

“Dear Kim and everyone at RRCF, I cannot express how thankful I am for everything you have done for me. I am still completely overwhelmed by your generosity. Everything that you have done for me and all the other scholarship recipients is incredible. The things you do for people like me do not go unnoticed. I will forever be grateful for what you did for me, I am still in awe of the extra gifts I received. Thank you so much for everything. It is people like you that make the world a better place. Again, thank you for everything.”

— 2018 Scholarship Recipient Elyse Scott

“I am truly appreciative of the Foundation’s support of my college education. As someone who is passionate about computer science, it means a lot to me that a local technology company is willing to support local students like me who are pursuing an education in the exciting and ever-expanding field of computer science.”

— 2018 Scholarship Recipient Vincent Moeykens

“It has been on mind for weeks to write and thank you and the Red River Charitable Foundation for the incredible reception Vincent and the other scholarship students received at the recent charitable golf event in Quechee. From the moment the scholarship students arrived, and throughout the evening, they were treated as guests of honor. It was so heartening to see students who excel academically and personally (and who give back to their communities) receive such recognition and generosity from all who attended the event. I was particularly impressed with, and appreciative of, the willingness of the adults (from all levels of the company) to interact personally and with enthusiasm with each student, providing encouragement and advice to the students as they embark on their college education and future careers in STEM.

The monetary value of the scholarship, as well as the laptop and its accessories, is a significant help to Vincent in paying the cost of his first year of college. We are also grateful to the kind individual who donated his raffle winnings to the students.

We were so impressed with the enthusiasm and sense of fun with which the Red River community embraces its philanthropic endeavor. I remarked to Vincent to remember this experience so that when he is in a position in his future career he can reciprocate the support and generosity he received from the Red River community at the start of his college education. We walked away from the evening with a sense of having been part of something really special. Red River is a unique and exceptional company, and we are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to meet all of you, and that Vincent was a fortunate recipient of your philanthropy.”

— Parent of a Scholarship Winner