PTC Hero Award

RRCF wants to honor and recognize those that go above and beyond to make a significant impact in the lives of others. The PTC Hero Award was designed to pay tribute to and celebrate those who are Positively Transforming Communities.



Are you a Red River employee who knows someone that you would call an Unsung Hero in your community? Someone you would consider a champion of social responsibility and selfless service. A person who devotes a significant amount of personal time, energy, and creativity to making their community better. Consider nominating them for a PTC Hero Award.

Nomination Process

To nominate someone for the PTC Hero Award send an email with the following information to

  • Your name, email and Red River location
  • Name of the person you are nominating, email and phone number
  • Your letter of nomination describing the reason you feel they go above and beyond to positively impact their community. Include any details about the organization that they are involved with and specific examples of how they are making a difference.
  • Feel free to include pictures or other supporting documents to provide us with as much information as possible


Past PTC Hero Award Winners

Congratulations to our first ever PTC (Positively Transforming Communities) Hero Award, Bethie Coverdale, a senior at Sunapee High School, who is headed to Norwich University in the fall.

For her senior project Bethie decided to hike 22 peaks (many times with veterans) in New Hampshire to bring awareness to the 22 veterans who commit suicide in the US each day. As we know, veteran suicide is a very real crisis and RRCF supports veterans and their families who are affected by it in a variety of ways. Her inspiring story has been highlighted in this video on ESPN.

Bethie Coverdale