Our Initiatives

Promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Education

The first mission of the Red River Charitable Foundation was to promote STEM education to middle and high school students in our local community. We want students to understand the exciting, vastly creative, unlimited potential and enormous career opportunities that an IT education can provide. We support this mission by giving monetary donations to students who apply for the RRCF scholarship who are off to college in an IT related field. The students are awarded at our annual charity golf event every July that they proudly attend with their families. The best part is we usually surprise them with a an unexpected laptop at the event generously donated by one of our partners!

Continued Commitment to Veterans & Service Members

We have grown our foundation significantly over the past 7 years in terms of philanthropic outreach, our expanded mission and the number of people we impact in a positive, lifelong and meaningful way. Part of the new expanded focus includes veterans and service members. We support them and their families by providing technology career counseling and mentorships as well as emergency monetary assistance. We do this with the help of a few key community partners like the Friends of Veterans in White River Junction, VT and Operation Hat Trick a nationwide organization generates awareness, support, and funding for the recovery of America’s wounded warriors both active service members and vets.